Christopher Lafayette

Christopher Lafayette is an emergent technologist in XR applying his talents to Medtech, FinTech and applied sciences.

He is working for a more equitable future in technology serving as a Silicon Valley national and international speaker, thought leader and a culture advocate.

Christopher Lafayette

Ippolito Imani Caradonna

Innovator, Molecular Biologist. Ippolito’s technical expertise with molecular tools and liquid handling automation is matched by a strong sense of community and compassion.

For over a decade, he’s been committed to process improvement and executing world class level research in both Academia and Industry. His publications and their citations raise the bar in the field of Genomics and High Throughput Screening.

Ippolito is creative and always thinking outside of the box to tackle the most complex and time consuming efforts. His focus is on high throughput screening, genome manipulation and next generation sequencing.